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ADDICTIONS – BEAT YOUR HABIT – MINDSET TRANSFORMATION  PROGRAMME! is designed for those suffering from addiction who want to become Free from Addiction…

…and want to live life to their full potential without constant self-sabotage.

The ADDICTIONS –  BEAT YOUR HABIT – MINDSET TRANSFORMATION PROGRAMME is an Enhanced Mindset Transformation Programme! Available for all types of addictions, including smoking, alcohol, drugs, sugar, food or something else.

Despite your best intentions, addictions have taken over your life and it has taken complete control of who you are and how you live your life.  You may be emotionally or financially burdened by the addictions, it could be causing serious health or life issues for you.  You want to stop the addictions, right now. You want to be in control of your life now.  Now is the time to say No to being a victim.

Now is the time to take back control. Get your life back, take control and stop your addiction NOW!

Addictions are habits of action that are run by habits of thought. By changing the thought process, as well as the habit itself, success becomes possible.

Perhaps you are hiding your addiction – costing you a lack of sleep and increasing sums of money.

  • Is the addiction threatening your relationships?
  • It is becoming a compulsive habit, almost out of control.
  • Do you make and break promises to yourself constantly?
  • Do you do things to feel good, even if it’s only on a short-term basis?

Our minds are wired to avoid pain and move towards pleasure.
text: addiction gives temporary relief but aslo has negative consequences by gabor mate

If your addiction is putting your marriage, health, job and other aspects of your life at risk, it's time to FIND THE STOP BUTTON!

text - an addiction is something that moves us away from a bad feeling and moves us towards a good feeling marisa peer

Enhance Your Horizons Addictions Hypnotherapy

  • We help our clients to access the root cause of when exactly they began to feel out of control, how this led to the feelings of rejection and disconnection in their life. We identify how and why these feelings led to their addiction.
  • By locating and understanding how and when a client first started to feel that they were not good enough, we can help them address the root cause and reframe the underlying negative belief with a more positive empowering and confident belief, which will set out a path to recovery and freedom


Have you tried very hard to change a habit with your strongest willpower only to find that just a short time later, there you are with that old habit pattern…

…and how do you feel a week later, when you’ve realised that you have fallen back into the same old pattern of behaviour?

Perhaps you;

  • Sabotage attempts at the goals and targets that you set for yourself.
    • You may have low self-esteem and lack confidence
  • Feel disconnected from your family or social groups and struggle to make meaningful connections
    • Relationships with your partner, children, parents, and work colleagues may be suffering.
  • Continually feel that you do not belong and feel not as good as others and feel not good enough
    • Live with an ongoing sense of rejection
  • Feel that something is missing in your life
    • Fill that missing void with a substance to temporarily numb the feeling and pain
  • Worry about the financial and health impact of your addiction
    • The ongoing burden of both is extremely damaging to you
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Tired, frustrated and fed up? Is it now finally, time for a change?

5 light bulbs

Now is the time to understand the root cause and reason for your addiction and how it started in you specifically.

  • Your subconscious, your inner mind holds the key to understanding the root cause of your addiction problem.
  • Often we are not aware of why we developed a habit and behaviour pattern; we can get stuck and blocked which can often lead to self-sabotage.
  • We can talk about why we want to stop the addiction, but until we make a change at the root, subconscious level, we will simply revert to old, familiar patterns of behaviour, time and time again.
  • Picture the mind as an elastic band. It bounces back to what it knows, what is familiar. 

We investigate what’s causing your habits of addiction...

By understanding the origins of the addiction and identifying self-limiting beliefs, we work together to remove and re-frame your fears, failures and anxiety. You learn how to reprogram your thoughts, beliefs and self-image and regain your real inner confidence to be indifferent to and beat your addiction. 

An ongoing uncomfortable nagging feeling?

  • If not dealt with, what was once a difficult feeling can become crystalised by an event, a conversation or an expectation put upon you.
  • This nagging feeling can display in some form of addiction, a ‘lacking and loss’ feeling, depression, or insecure behaviour.
  • Without realising, this can lead us to think ‘want we want will never be available to us’.
  • We blame ourselves, we think that ‘we are not good enough, ‘it’s our fault we can’t change, life will always be like this.
  • Our subconscious mind holds on to those original feelings of rejection and disconnection.
  • Feelings that started in childhood continued in later life, further cementing the need to fill the missing gap that it has created.
  • Those suffering from addictions can often feel alone, it’s as if they are helpless and hopeless, and this feeling, this addiction will never change. This addiction programming can become fixed in the mind.

“When I try to stop, my habit comes right back and sabotages my attempts to give up.” 

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By accessing the subconscious mind, we work together to pinpoint how that nagging feeling of ‘not feeling good enough’, or not knowing how to stop came into your life.

  • We work together to give the mind answers as to why these feelings remain, we give clients a new language, new mental thought process so that they can break that cycle of making and breaking promises.
  • We teach the mind a new habit, and a new behaviour and strengthen willpower to take control of our mind and actions.
  • Clients make remarkable changes and stop the addiction that was causing so much anxiety and dependence. 

We first understand the problem that you have now and also what it is that you are looking for as your outcome, your success, post addiction

jigsaw pieces of a head with a lightbulb as the brain
  • Once we have identified and questioned the events in life that have contributed to the feelings that enabled and prolonged the addiction, we will then work with your subconscious mind to retrain and reprogramme the mind to let go of the addiction.
  • The hypnosis will allow you to access your subconscious mind so that positive changes can enable you to live the life you want to live, right now.
  • Your hypnosis session and hypnosis audio will be specific to you and will provide guidance and instructions to rewire and reprogramme the worries, fears and blocks that your conscious thinking and logical mind cannot access.

We have a conscious, “logical mind” and a subconscious “emotional mind.” The subconscious emotions and feelings will always win in a battle against the logical part of our mind.

text: People try so hard to let go of their addictive, negative behaviours and thoughts, and it doesn't work, or it works only for a short time. 
I didn't let go of my negative thoughts; I questioned them, and then they let go of me, and so did my addictions byron katie

Your mind is incredibly powerful

  • If you have had no success with any other attempts to stop the addiction, you will be looking for something that works. 
  • As you relax during the session, you will be accessing the subconscious part of your mind.
  • Your logical and thinking part of the mind will take a back seat and almost shut down to allow the subconscious mind to let in positive thoughts and suggestions, introducing new ideas that fit with how you want to live your life.
  • During your hypnosis you will become open and accepting of change and new ideas, helping to reprogram new patterns and habits.
  • The session will wire and fire in new beliefs in your mind, coding new positive, empowering habits and thoughts, in line with how you want to be.
  • The hypnosis session wil programme in new powerful, and positive beliefs, changing old negative habits and behaviours, leaving them in the past.
  • You will feel open and receptive to new ways of thinking helping you to find strong, positive and confident results.  
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Hi, I'm Joanna


Addictions – Beat the Habit  – Mindset Transformation Programme!

The first thing I do is to help you to understand the root causes and effects of exactly when and why you developed your responses to life’s situations and how this led to your addictions.  Working together across 21 days helps you to programme and hard-wire a bespoke Addictions Beat the Habit – Mindset Transformation Programme into your mind!

Through the Addictions Beat The Habit – Mindset Transformation Programme! hypnosis session, you learn to spot and deal with the causes of your automatic responses as they happen in future occasions. You choose instead to empower yourself, to free yourself from the ongoing negative thoughts and feelings and addictions that have been holding you back. You learn how to focus on and attract what you want, not the things that you fear, as a result you start to regain that happy confident life for yourself.

The Addictions Beat the Habit – Mindset Transformation Programme! sessions are fully bespoke and tailored for you, you are provided with a personalised audio recording detailing exactly how you will develop a positive, confident and powerful attitude, free from addiction

What will we cover? What you will learn…

  • You will start to understand how both childhood and recent conversations, led to your addiction. 
  • You will understand why you believed what was said in the past, and how those beliefs can trigger you all these years later.
  • You will learn how to put these feelings behind you, to leave them in the past where they belong
  • You will start the process of letting go and spend less time worrying
  • You will begin to feel more relaxed in yourself, more valued and confident for who you are
  • You will feel your confidence and your self-esteem dramatically improve
  • You will feel empowered to move forward with your life,  successful at regaining your real inner self-confidence and know that you can accept yourself, just as you are, leaving your addiction in the past

The Addictions – Beat the Habit – Mindset Transformation hypnosis session
includes the following;

You will receive and benefit from:

  • 2-hour transformational Addictions –  Beat The Habit – Mindset Transformation Programme! Hypnosis session
  • A personalised audio recording specific to your needs
  • Support & follow up throughout the month, including voice calls on days, 3, 7, 14,
  • A Zoom review call on the 21st day
  • Tracked progress from the start to completion of your programme

What is included?

  • Initial consultation
    • Review your addiction problem
  • Your goals and outcomes
    • How will you feel without the addictions?
  • Relaxation techniques
    • Help you to relax whilst being totally in control 
  • Enhance Your Horizons session
    • Your problem;
      • Focus: what is the addiction doing to you?
      • Focus: what do you want to do instead?
      • Focus: how will you feel when you no longer live with the addiction?
  • Personalised Audio recording
    • Bespoke audio recording for you to listen to for 21 days, you must listen every day for it to have the maximum effect and to set up a new way of thinking.
  • Tracked progress from the start to completion of your programme
  • Follow-up voice calls after 3, 7, 14 days
  • Zoom video review call on day 21
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Be successful – Regain your freedom from addiction

…live life to your full potential without constant self-sabotage

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Please include Country + Area code (eg +44 7911 123456)

The Addictions  – Beat The Habit – Mindset Transformation Programme! all you need to know…

What does this session cost?

For a single bespoke 2-hour session including all support and 1 hour of follow-up calls follow up as listed above, only £105 per hour
If further sessions are required and booked within the following 6 weeks after the session, are priced are £95 per hour.

Simply book a call to discuss if an Addictions – Beat The HabitMindset Transformation Programme! is right for you –  Press the orange button to discuss if this programme would be right for you

The process and how it all works

Firstly, we arrange a short phone call to discuss the Addictions – Beat The HabitMindset Transformation Programme! 
If you choose to go ahead….

  • You complete a small questionnaire about your situation and your goals and what you want in your life
  • We agree a suitable day/time for both parties for your session
  • Together we complete your 2-hour transformational Addictions – Beat The Habit – Mindset Transformation Programme!  Hypnosis Session
  • You listen to your bespoke audio recording daily for 21 days
  • We follow up via support calls on days 3, 7, 14
  • Together we review your tracked progress, so you understand how you have progressed since the start of our work together
  • We complete with a Zoom video review call on day 21.


Following our short call and the completion of the questionnaire we can look to book in our first zoom meeting in roughly in 7- 10 days in advance, depending on our schedules.

How will we do the session? 

At this point in time the session is available only online, using either Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp video.
An online video platform is required as it is important to see each other.

Not sure what to expect? Unsure of Hypnosis? 

All questions answered, check out:  What To Expect… 

Press the button below to discuss booking in your Addictions – Beat The Habit  – Mindset Transformation Programme! session

Do you have any further questions about the


Just press the orange button below: 


Please include Country + Area code (eg +44 7911 123456)

testimonial text: I am very happy to recommend ‘Enhance Your Horizons’. I’ve tried so many times to give up my habits and addictions, read many books/watched many videos. Nothing made a difference. Finding Joanna changed everything. Highly recommend! Transformational. Thank you!
testimonial text: Life has completely changed. I have stopped smoking and everything else, my mind is not thinking about my addictions 24 7.
I feel so much relief, I can get on and be me now. Thank YOU!
testimonial text: thank you so much, i didn't realise just how addicted to sugar i have been. now it is so clear, i wanted more, needed more, just to fill that pain, the disappointment and rejection.
Testimonial text: I am very happy to recommend ‘Enhance Your Horizons’. I’ve tried so many times to give up my habits and addictions, read many books/watched many videos. Nothing made a difference. Finding Joanna changed everything. Highly recommend! Transformational. Thank you!
testimonial text: It’s a relief to find a way to let go of my addictions. Trying to quit using only willpower is so difficult and demoralising. The session itself and the audio are like a new way of thinking. I enjoy my life now, I am much healthier, and much more confident and stronger. I feel so much better about myself!

Please include Country + Area code (eg +44 7911 123456)

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