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Do you frequently feel unsure of how to succeed and reach your full potential?

    reach full potential

    The 3 success habit patterns to get what you want in life...

    I work with many people who want to know how to stop their self-sabotaging and procrastination, they want to learn how to create success and joy in their life and reach full potential.

    As a recent example: I put a massive amount of time and effort into working hard and yet, I am not happy, I am not confident and I am not satisfied!”

    Do you want more success, more money and more fulfilment? However, do you also think deep inside that money and success are not available for you? Do you wonder what is holding you back from achieving what you want?”

    Well, it’s not our lack of wanting or lack of effort and persistence.

        • The issue starts deep inside with our internal voice. What are we saying and thinking to our self?
        • Do we have deep-seated voices and pictures in our mind?  ‘I can’t’, ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘Success is not available to me’.
        • Do we have deep subconscious feelings and beliefs?  If so, when and why were they developed? 

    We can still hold on to these beliefs without any conscious realisation of where they came from. Often these beliefs and feelings were taught to us, whether intentionally or not, as we grew up in childhood. They can give the answers to why we hold ourselves back and stop ourselves reaching our full potential.

    By accessing your subconscious mind and understanding your self-concept you acknowledge and recognise why you picked up certain beliefs. You understand exactly why you have been unable to move forward.

    Once known, this can never be unknown, instead, the old negative programming and unhelpful beliefs about yourself and your performance can be re-programmed and transformed into positive beliefs and supporting habits.


    If you have the desire to achieve and maintain success in all areas of your life and you also have the desire to do whatever it takes. Know if you take on the mindset and habits of those who are incredibly successful, you, yourself can improve your own success and performance. 

    Identify these techniques and put them into practice.

    Do the thing you dislike first
    1: Naturally successful people do what they don’t want to do, first!

    Do the things that you don’t want to do, as priority. Don’t put these challenging tasks off thinking ‘oh I’ll do it later‘.

    Later never comes,  tomorrow is here before you know it. Do the job you dislike, first and every time. This is  especially key if the job is to deliver difficult news.

    If you keep putting this off the task will start to feel worse in your head until you do it.

    As they say “Slay the dragon” get the task done first and out of the way,  feel great, feel like a winner. Embrace and own the powerful and life changing habit of doing what you don’t like, first on the list, move closer to getting the results that you want.   Willingly do something you dislike, if it helps you to achieve your goal. As you continue, you may find you are actually enjoying the things that you once disliked.

    *Those who don’t succeed, will give up their dreams before they do what they don’t want to do.*

    2:  Take frequent and regular action in the direction of your goals

    Work on tasks and actions that help and move your goals forward every day. Do this 7 days a week. It’s not necessary to work all day every day. However if you complete a task every single day, you keep up the momentum. By  doing something every single day this action makes you feel like a winner.

    This simple action elevates your feelings of success, commitment and dedication, the more you act like a winner the more you feel like one. The more you take on the actions of success the more success becomes a part of you.

    *Become committed to making changes, doing what you hate first and taking action every day in the direction of your goals.*

    Take action every day
    Come back from rejection

    3: Come back from no and from rejection and keep going

    Don’t accept rejection or no. Successful people think,  this is only a delay, I’m on my way to success, it is not a sign that I will not be successful, there is something else for me to learn here first. 

    Success requires never taking no for an answer and never allowing rejection to stop you. 

    Successful people deal with and cope with rejection.  They realise that the issue not personal. Successful people know that what they want, wants them.

    *  Successful people have the talent, the drive, the belief, the discipline. They use these habits and this makes them unstoppable. *

    Master your mind - Reach Your Full Potential

    Understand the key facts about your mind. Develop a powerful ability to collaborate with yourself perfectly. Use clear, precise accurate language, help your mind to understand what you want. The mind often works on desires that are incorrectly expressed.  Keep your mind bang up to date so that you see positive results. 

    When you tell your mind exactly what you want, using precise, specific, descriptive language, you dialogue with yourself, you build on achieving success.  You tell your mind I want to focus my time and efforts on my ‘business commitments‘.  I devote my free time to ‘my business development‘ and ‘study‘. I find it engrossing and rewarding, this signals very clearly to your mind that this is what you desire with no room for misinterpretation.

    As you achieve these changes, delay any celebration and gratification until you are sure that you are satisfied with your work or that the goal has been achieved.

    Replace negative habits and actions with the same positive habits and actions that are shared by the world’s happiest and most successful people. Implement these habits every day, soon they will become a part of who you are.

    Does this all sounds too simple? Too good to be true?


    “Just as you become what you think about, you must also become what you say to yourself.
    When you start to change your thinking and start to include some powerful inner dialogue you should find that you increase your courage and diminish your fears. Feeling good is a matter of controlling your inner dialogue, what you say to yourself. 
    If your words are powerful and positive, they can be immediately accepted by your subconscious mind as a command. This will have an instant effect on your thoughts, behaviour and feelings.

    You must become what you want to attract


    You must become what you want to attract. Be the kind of person you want to surround yourself with – Susan Jeffers

    Stop that mental struggle, design your own future in a different way

    I often refer to two of my mentors when developing my plan and vision for my own life –Marisa Peer founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy & Brian Tracy professional business speaker

    I have learned so much from Marisa and Brian about how to be free from self-destructive thoughts and how to uncover blocks that have become mental obstacles. 

    "You always act in a manner consistent with your deepest and most intensely held beliefs, whether they are true or not. All your beliefs are learned at one time, you did not have them when you were born.  The law of belief says: Whatever you believe with conviction, becomes your reality.”​

    Go back to the various points in your life to discover your personal blocks, your deeply held beliefs about yourself and your personality.

    When you understand the root cause of your negative thoughts,  you can then decide if these old beliefs and thoughts are suitable and work for you now. Now you can begin to work at what is holding you back. Transform any beliefs which keep you stuck in a negative state. Allow yourself to move on in a more positive, successful and enjoyable way. 

    You may think that this is only about positive thinking? However it’s about so much more than that. It’s about a plan that will address the root causes of a negative self-concept, your self-belief. It helps to uncover emotional blocks that have become mental obstacles.


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