Stress and anxiety

Stress and Anxiety

Better ways to handle stress and anxiety, create more fulfilling relationships

Do you worry and fear the worst whatever the situation? Perhaps you have an intense feeling that you are not good enough in life? Are you overwhelmed with negative feelings about yourself and your ability? 

Your fears and anxiety can affect almost every aspect of your life, including; 

*An ongoing inner critic repeatedly putting you down

*Emotional issues, sensitivity to criticism

*Low self-worth, unable to communicate effectively

How and why your anxious feelings started 

We look at how and why your anxious feelings started, how connections to your past impact your thinking. We are not born with negative feelings and beliefs, instead we find that fears, anxiety and thoughts we have about ourselves were picked up mainly in childhood or later on in life. 

We have simply believed that the things we heard about ourselves are true, whether they are true or not, those beliefs stay with us until we question them and reconsider whether they support us or block us and stop us from feeling good about ourselves. 

Once the reason for the blockage is known we become more aware and we re-frame and re-programme those old feelings with new positive commands and directions.
Using RTT’s tools and techniques we work together as a team to identify:
    • *  Where you have emotional blocks, blocks that have been keeping you stuck, causing anxiety and difficulties in your communication and relationships.

    • *  We question the meaning behind the blocks in the subconscious mind so that you can make sense of your deep routed gut feelings and move forward with a better outlook on life.

    • * Together we examine, re-frame and transform those old negative feelings that are no longer required.
When you understand how to re-connect with your subconscious mind, your deepest thoughts, inner beliefs and self-image, you will find that your internal dialogue, those ongoing pessimistic feelings will transform to give you a sense of calm and clarity. You will develop a better sense of self confidence which will enable you to communicate more successfully. 
The better your communication and listening skills the better you will be in your relationships as your confidence improves.  As your self-esteem grows you will feel more worthy of asking for the things that are essential in good relationships, support, respect and being listened to. 

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