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Indecision/conflict/self-sabotage work through issues that cause depression

Are you unsure of yourself? Do you put things off and deal with things at the very last moment? Do you do everything possible to avoid tasks and deliberately work on anything else instead?
Are you living with inner conflict, believing and wanting two opposing thoughts which are holding you back preventing progress?  Perhaps you do everything to succeed, and yet you still live with…
      • *Conflicting inner thoughts
      • *A fear of rejection and failure
      • *A need to put off decisions
You want to speak up and be noticed at work, however you may also be terrified of ridicule and fear that you may be dismissed. All conflicting thoughts cause the mind to feel confused and frustrated. The mind cannot hold conflicting beliefs and thoughts, we cannot be confident and anxious at the same time or happy and sad simultaneously.  Conflicting beliefs sends the mind into a spin which often blocks and stops us from moving in to a space where we feel happy in ourselves. If we allow ourselves to live in a state of confusion, we have a reason to stop, we justify why we do not progress. 

Negative habits and self-limiting thoughts

When you understand why you suffer from negative habits; and realise that self-limiting thoughts are holding you back causing you to stay stuck, you start to change your thinking.  We build from this point using RTT’s tools and techniques.
Rules of The Mind
* One of the Rules of The Mind is that whilst your mind is filled with confident thoughts and motivating images you cannot be thinking of or focusing on negative thoughts and images.
* Instead you learn how to create clarity in your life and you learn how to make changes to your thinking. 
* You ensure that any conflicting thoughts and beliefs are left in the past where they belong, you no longer feel the need to self-sabotage or take steps to prevent yourself from moving in the right direction.
You pinpoint exactly how and when these thoughts came into your life personally.  Immediately you can decide if this way of thinking is working for you or against you. We re-frame and re-programme old feelings with new positive commands and directions, leaving you free and released, you realise you have a choice to live in a way that suits you. 

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