Weight and Mind connection

Let’s not drift into overeating even more of the wrong foods. The nation is being overloaded with information on the benefit of eating healthily, so why do we stay in the loop of knowingly eating too much of the unhealthy food? At Enhance Your Horizons we are proud of finding… Read More »Weight and Mind connection

Overweight & guilt?

Is your overweight telling you something? Does stress and anxiety cause overweight? Why not find out what’s going on in your mind with your overweight issue? At Enhance Your Horizons we recognise the following: 💡Feelings, regarding food need to be addressed and understood; otherwise those feelings will often result in… Read More »Overweight & guilt?

Words and thoughts?

So, our mind…. When we walk across the road, do we have to reflect and ponder about every step? When eating – must we tell ourselves that we must digest this food? When we sleep, do we have to remind ourselves that we must not forget to breathe? Of course… Read More »Words and thoughts?