Overweight & guilt?

Is your overweight telling you something?

Does stress and anxiety cause overweight? Why not find out what’s going on in your mind with your overweight issue?

weight control using hypnosis

At Enhance Your Horizons we recognise the following:

💡Feelings, regarding food need to be addressed and understood; otherwise those feelings will often result in further stress and anxiety.
💡Some people allow resentments to mount for many years, causing this stress and anxiety to escalate.
💡Many adults carry such feelings from childhood experiences, and they remember them in great detail.
💡Often these feelings continue to affect a person’s mind in many ways long after the event, such as overeating, emotional eating, and habitual eating depending on the events of our past.
💡This can have a negative effect on us; food can be a comfort for many. This could be because those feelings have not been understood and resolved fully.

So how do we understand what’s going on with those thoughts and feelings?

It’s one thing to know that we need to understand our feelings in order to set ourselves free, but it’s quite another to find out what lies behind the issue that caused us to hold on to those issues for such a long time.

The connection of overweight and trapped feelings from the past may seem unrelated, however in hypnosis we find that it really doesn’t take long to get to the truth about why you eat the way you do.

Our methods have been very successful in helping to achieve fast and effective results. Do message me to find out how you can access your freedom from your overweight.

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Once we are in the right frame of mind to say goodbye to being overweight, we need to do it, and do it now!

The sooner we break the overeating habit, the faster our general attitude towards food will improve.

Here are 5 helpful tips to get started:

  1. Throw away all biscuits; get rid of all sugary food which reminds you of your sweet tooth.
  2. Become more active, go for a walk, and join a gym? Get into a new hobby to take your mind off cravings and reduce stress.
  3. Steer clear of temptations and situations that may trigger your craving to eat too much.
  4. Try snacking on fruit after a meal rather than something sweet.
  5. Notice the way you talk to yourself about food. Will-power alone, rarely works. Time and time again, we have found the most effective way to lose weight and keep it off is through the power of our own thinking.

woman walking in sports shoes

Calling something a ‘guilty pleasure’ or a ‘treat’ is not a good idea.

In fact these terms intensify our desire for that food.
It’s OK to have an occasional biscuit or small piece of cake, but if we associate the cake as a guilty pleasure, when we eat it – do we feel we are doing something naughty?

The emotion of guilt often leads to a feeling of having done something wrong. Why not enjoy your favourite fudge fondant occasionally without feeling guilty, it’s normal to want to eat certain food now and then and just enjoy it.

beautiful girl eating cake

Manufacturers try to program our minds to feel guilty, and eat to suit them, we can program our mind to be free to eat only a healthy & small amount of cake or fondant etc and be satisfied with that.

So what’s this guilt all about? Where did it come from? If we swallow the idea of food being a guilty pleasure, mentally we will be instructing our minds to eat more of the foods that make us feel guilty.

Eat at home instead


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