Weight and Mind connection

Let’s not drift into overeating even more of the wrong foods.

The nation is being overloaded with information on the benefit of eating healthily, so why do we stay in the loop of knowingly eating too much of the unhealthy food?

At Enhance Your Horizons we are proud of finding the right answers, those that help people to meet their weight loss goals.

That’s why we are pleased to offer a complimentary discussion so that you can easily see if you are on track.

To make everything as clear as possible, overeating can be, and often is, an emotional issue.

There are several different types of emotional eating patterns which determine the reasons why you eat the way you do.

We will look to find out the type of emotional eater that you are, so that you can decide for yourself if there is a different approach that will work for you.

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We are always looking to find ways to help people with their eating patterns and keep up to date on what could benefit them.

We have found our method of deep relaxation and hypnotherapy very effective for people who wish to commit to lose weight and feel great.

If you have any questions, or you are in interested in finding out more about looking into the cause of your eating patterns, contact us or book your complimentary discussion we will be happy to help.

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Weight and Mind Connection – How do you identify what is holding a person back?

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