Words and thoughts?

So, our mind….

When we walk across the road, do we have to reflect and ponder about every step? When eating – must we tell ourselves that we must digest this food? When we sleep, do we have to remind ourselves that we must not forget to breathe? Of course not.

Our conscious mind gives way to our subconscious mind. Imagine that the mind is like an iceberg, the conscious thinking mind is the tiny part we can see above the water, the much larger part we don’t see below the surface is the subconscious mind. This part of the mind is of course responsible for the actions and consequences that form our lives. 

95% of everything we do is governed by the subscious mind.

If we should find ourselves in a situation where we are relying on a habit pattern, then maybe we need to look at whether those patterns are working for us, or if we are just acting out of subconscious habit patterns that we no longer need.

mind like an iceberg

Change your thinking – change your weight!

We all have a variety of thoughts and beliefs about our weight, but we don’t always know where these thoughts and beliefs came from. Why is it that some people seem to eat anything they like and they don’t gain weight, when others only have to look at a chocolate cake to think they’ll gain weight?

There are many answers to this question, could it be that we were given food at a young age to comfort us, or to keep us happy, when we were not even actually hungry. Maybe we wanted something else at the time, something like time or attention. Children often don’t understand that carers and parents have very busy lives. Eating food and wanting quality time with mum or dad can sometimes get mixed up in a child’s mind.

On a subconscious level we could, at that time in our young life, have believed that if we couldn’t get what we wanted, we would have something to eat instead to compensate, even if we didn’t need it.

As our beliefs tend to linger throughout life, we are often left wondering why we keep on eating too much, when in fact we need something else other than food.

With the help of hypnotherapy we can go back, to find out and acknowledge what has been going on in your life regarding food, and you, yourself will find you have the true answers to your questions.

Do we ever say to ourselves and others – “I can never be slim and trim, I can never have that ideal body”

It’s an easy thing to say and think when we feel a bit discouraged, we’ve all been there.

What do we get as a result?

We get what we expect. If we constantly think negative discouraging thoughts about ourselves, then that is how we’ll feel, discouraged and negative. This is what the mind and memory knows.

Instead start thinking about who we want to be, what life will be like when we reach that desired weight and size.

Words affect our thoughts and our memory.

Our words affect the subconscious mind and our mind is interwoven with our subconscious. If we consistently give our subconscious a program that states “I feel great in who I am!” “I get to my ideal weight and dress size and feel fabulous!” then we will find that we will feel better about ourselves and we will find that we do see changes to our waistline, the subconscious will understand the goal and will help us to get there. 

It a matter of re-programming the negative thinking about food choices and experiencing the difference it can make.

The mind shapes the body

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Why is it that we just can’t seem to shift our overweight? Overwhelm can often be a cause of comfort eating or overeating etc.

We all have so much to do and we just can’t cope, so our mind wants us to find some pleasure to make us feel better.

Find out how your thinking can sabotage your great efforts at will power and self-control. 

No matter how great the effort, our emotional mind will always get the better of us until we can understand how we can change our thinking about our feelings of overwhelm and overeating.

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