3 months Weight Control with RTT

Does the following apply to you?

• Desperately want to get back into those size 10 jeans?

• Worried that those last pounds will never go? 

• Struggling to not to eat those foods on the ‘no’ list?

Are these thoughts familiar?  – There is another way

Do you want to feel that you can lose weight and keep it off?
With my new weight programme I am offering 3 sessions for the price of two. 
That is 3 RTT sessions to give you the life you have always wanted. Stop negative eating patterns and replace them with positive, healthy eating patterns, no diet sheets, no calorie counting, no shakes or medicine, no crazy work outs  – be the Most Wonderful version of YOU! 

What is involved:

  •     Price varies

    o    1 consultation
    o    3 full Rapid Transformational Therapy Sessions, 1 hour 30 minutes  x 3  
    o    Personalised recording provided at the end of each session =  3 recordings in total,
    o    3 x email follow-ups per session = 9 emails in total
    o    1 x follow up call at 21 days post each session = 3 follow up calls in total

Why not book a Complimentary taster discussion to find out if this option is suitable for you while there are spaces available in May 2019? Fill out the Contact Us form below.

This offer is only available before 20/05/2019

Success Stories:

Nikki from Brighton, came to me with eating problems, weight control issues, self-esteem and confidence issues. Her internal voice told her “I always mess up – I’m not good enough – I’ll never lose weight, I can’t keep it off”

Following her 3 RTT sessions: “I feel so empowered and positive, it’s amazing!!! Even from the first session I could tell this was going to work! And it has! You helped me change so much, I am now eating healthy foods, I love it, I can feel the difference every day. I feel such a huge change in me and my lifestyle since the sessions. Can’t thank you enough!”