Freedom from Overweight 8 week package

Where you’re at…

  • Do you often find yourself saying “I don’t like the way I look’, I don’t like ‘my size or my body shape?’
  • Can’t stop eating foods on the No/banned list…?
  • Do you walk around with that on-going feeling of doubt and lack of confidence?

The problems you have right now…

  • Not able to maintain a good weight? Overweight?
  • The overweight can make us tired and breathless.
  • We feel that we can’t take part in fun activities, play with our children, or even run for the bus.

It can affect many areas of life – it often lowers our self-confidence and self-belief, this affects our general happiness at home or with others, in all situations and all environments.

What you need help with right now…

  • When we understand our personal eating habits, we can then understand ways to break that on-going cycle.
  • So firstly we will identify the type of eater that you are. We will understand and identify particular times and events when you can fall into the same emotional trap again. You will become aware and able to stop yourself and change your behaviour.
  • Clients are often time starved and come to me in pain, both physical and emotional. They want rapid results. RTT aims to deliver permanent change in a single 90-minute session. Although some clients and some issues will need up to 3 sessions.  
  • Using Rapid Transformational Therapy we work together in hypnosis in order that you can understand exactly how, why and when these feelings and behaviours came into your life, it then becomes possible to back track and question those old thoughts and beliefs.
  • Using RTT we get to the root cause of the problem. We identify the connection between past experiences and present day eating patterns.

How can the ‘Freedom from Overweight 8 week packagehelp you?

If you have already taken the no-cost Discovery Call Consultation and digital download, you will already be aware that we can be held back very strongly by our mind.  

  • Using Rapid Transformational Therapy will take each of your eating patterns and provide you with new ways to think about food. We will work together to allow you to question any old negative thoughts and behaviours. You can then release the beliefs holding you back to past events so that you can be free to eat healthy, nutritious foods, enjoy and look forward to exercise and activity.
  • Imagine how you will feel when you finally understand and listen to your mind and body.
  • I will help you to let go of the past, understand why you have made certain food choices and help you to transform your life towards phenomenal success and freedom.
  • At Enhance Your Horizons we don’t provide meal plans, diet sheets or encourage you to calorie count.
  • Instead we give you a mind-set change, a change of gear. We’ll work closely together over the 8 weeks to help you release all eating patterns, so that all reasons preventing weight loss are removed.

Over the 8 weeks process, we will complete 2 RTT hypnotherapy sessions, each including a personal specific to you audio recording. Through a series of communications, emails and calls, or face to face meetings (depending on your session preference) you will be fully supported throughout the process as you move towards your weight goals.

You will feel in control of your mind and food urges, by the end of the 8 week listening you will feel the difference. As you review and release each old issue we will provide you with your own powerful motivation to reach your goals for success!

The treatment varies according to each individual’s bespoke personal situation. The treatment releases us from our fears, past experiences and negative eating habit

See for yourself that YOU CAN lose the unwanted weight!


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Success Stories:

Nikki from Brighton, came to me with eating problems, weight control issues, self-esteem and confidence issues. Her internal voice told her “I always mess up – I’m not good enough – I’ll never lose weight, I can’t keep it off”

Following her 3 RTT sessions: “I feel so empowered and positive, it’s amazing!!! Even from the first session I could tell this was going to work! And it has! You helped me change so much, I am now eating healthy foods, I love it, I can feel the difference every day. I feel such a huge change in me and my lifestyle since the sessions. Can’t thank you enough!”