Freedom from Overwhelm & Stress

Where you’re at…

  • Do you ever feel that you can’t think clearly due to your negative emotions?
  • Do you regularly feel under too much mental or emotional pressure?
  • Are your constant feelings of fear or panic frightening?

The problems you have right now…

  • Overwhelm and Stress all have their place in our life.  Stress helps us get out of bed and helps us to progress with life, however if we allow stress to affect us, to cause a long-term ‘state of stress’ we can find that we can develop emotional or physical problems.
  • If you are constantly ill, tired, unable to keep to your own life goals, let alone work responsibilities.
  • Perhaps you are unknowingly self-sabotaging your attempts to succeed?
  • Overwhelm can make us feel overly stressed, rushed, to have an inability to see things clearly, we can’t concentrate, we can feel demotivated, irritable;  these can all lead to high blood pressure, and possibly increase our likelihood to smoke, drink and eat more foods, comfort foods, all of which cause we push down our emotions with the stimulant.
  • Using RTT we will assess the root causes of your problems. We look at why you are so strongly affected by these stressors and events. I will help you to understand what lies behind the root cause of these feelings.

What you need help with right now…

  • We will identify the level of stress and anxiety you are facing in your current situation. I will help you to use tools and techniques to lessen and improve your reaction and response to the feelings that you experience.
  • Once you have clarity as to your specific root cause and reasons behind your actions and responses you can then look forward to removing and eliminating any of the emotional or physical effects that have been caused by the negative thoughts, feelings and stress.
  • Clients are often time starved and come to me in pain, both physical and emotional. They want rapid results. RTT aims to deliver permanent change in a single 90-minute session. Although some clients and some issues will need up to 3 sessions.  
  • Using RTT we work together in hypnosis in order that you can understand exactly how, why and when these feelings and behaviours came into your life, it then becomes possible to back track and question those old thoughts and beliefs.

How can the ‘Freedom from Overwhelm & Stress’ package help you?

 I will begin the Freedom from Overwhelm & Stress’ package with a 30 mins consultation call to fully understand your exact problem. We will discuss your symptoms, triggers and behaviours and we work to understand your desired outcome of the session.

  • As soon as you are aware of the reason for your problem and why it came into your life, you have the choice to decide if it is still relevant for you, still needed as a part of you?  If not, using powerful RTT tools you are able to release and eradicate that old negative belief from your life for good. Leaving you to be free from overwhelm and stress so you can live the life that you desire.
  • Imagine how you will feel when you have understood your mind and body to live an improved, happier and healthier life? How will your life be without those past negative emotions, why not re-connect to the real you which was hiding behind thoughts and emotions of the past.
  • Let me help and guide you to a new understanding of your true self, let go of old negative shackles, move you forward toward phenomenal success and freedom. You will feel Transformed!


The ‘Freedom from Overwhelm & Stress’ program introduces Rapid Transformation therapy to help you understand what has been holding you back and give you a new method to access to permanent thought control that will change the way you approach your future to live a happier and more fulfilling life!

The treatment varies according to each individual’s bespoke personal situation. The treatment releases us from our fears, anxiety and stressors.

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Success Story:

Jamie from Enfield: “I had overwhelming sense of stress and panic, whenever I attempted anything new. A long with a lack of confidence, i just felt that I was unable to achieve anything that I wanted.”

Following the session: “If I think what I was like before the we started, I’ve completely changed. No feeling of being overwhelmed! No anxiousness at all now. The panic feeling has stopped thank goodness. So I’d say a very welcome & appreciated change in the way I think. A major success!!!. Thank you! It means such a lot.”