Freedom from Overwhelm, Anxiety & Stress

Does the following apply to you?

  • Feel that you can’t think clearly due to negative emotions?
  • Do you regularly feel under too much mental or emotional pressure?
  • Are your constant feelings of fear or panic frightening?

Are these thoughts familiar?  – There is another way

With this new service, we will work together to enable you to evaluate past events

in the subconscious mind. Events lingering to this day causing the mind to hold
on to old beliefs making you behave and think the way you do without your
realising it.

When you understand these old thought patterns in hypnosis, we can then transform and release your and mental blocks enabling you to move forward in life, you will be able relax, feel optimistic and gain a sense of Freedom for your future.

What is involved:

  •     Price varies

    o    1 consultation
    o    1 full Rapid Transformational Therapy Sessions, 1 hour 30 minutes  
    o    1 Personalised recording provided at the end of the session
    o    3 x email follow-ups per session 
    o    1 x follow up call at 21 days post session completion

Why not book a Complimentary taster discussion to find out if this option is suitable for you while there are spaces available in May 2019? Fill out the Contact Us form below.

This offer is only available before 20/05/2019

Success Stories:


Jamie from Enfield: “I had overwhelming sense of stress and panic, whenever I attempted anything new. A long with a lack of confidence, i just felt that I was unable to achieve anything that I wanted.”

Following the session: “If I think what I was like before the we started, I’ve completely changed. No feeling of being overwhelmed! No anxiousness at all now. The panic feeling has stopped thank goodness. So I’d say a very welcome & appreciated change in the way I think. A major success!!!. Thank you! It means such a lot.”