Release nagging doubts & inner critic

Where you’re at…

  • Do you find yourself internally complaining, critiquing yourself? 
  • Do you think that you are not worthy of love and respect from others?  
  • Do you lack confidence in what you do, say and think? 
  • Do you feel that you just can’t be you just as you are? 

The problems you have right now…

  • If you find yourself constantly worrying and feeling as if life is just too much – are you also experiencing an on-going loop of negative self-talk and internal voice all the time?
  • This can often lead to physical symptoms such as headaches, exhaustion, poor or little sleep, dizziness, inability to focus on one thing? Or emotional symptoms such as looping repeating upsetting thoughts, inability to deal with events and stressful situations … is this happening to you?
  • This stress and anxiety often started when the client was very young. Children watch and observe behaviours of their elders, family and friends. As a young child we can learn to cope with situations we don’t understand.
  • Little children don’t understand about adult stress. The child sometimes wrongly assumes that they are at fault. This can lead to negative behaviours and beliefs that continue throughout life, i.e repressed / supressed feelings.

What you need help with right now…

  • Clients are often time starved and come to me in pain, both physical and emotional. They want rapid results. RTT aims to deliver permanent change in a single 90-minute session. Although some clients and some issues will need up to 3 sessions.  
  • Using RTT we work together in hypnosis in order that you can understand exactly how, why and when these feelings and behaviours came into your life, it then becomes possible to back track and question those old thoughts and beliefs.

How the ‘Release Nagging Doubts & Inner Critic’ package can help you?

We will begin the ‘Release Nagging Doubts & Inner Critic’ package with a 30 mins consultation call to fully understand your exact problem. We will discuss your symptoms, triggers and behaviours and we work to understand your desired outcome of the session.

I help you to question and challenge the thoughts, assess if these old beliefs are still working for you now, today? So that you can transform and release yourself from the old feelings, so that you can experience life without the problem!

  • Permanent and powerful change is experienced as you change your thinking and change your actions and behaviours so you are released, you become free.
  • Imagine how you will feel when you have understood your mind and body to live an improved, happier and healthier life? How will your life be without those past negative emotions, why not re-connect to the real you which was hiding behind thoughts and emotions of the past.
  • Let me help and guide you to a new understanding of your true self, let go of old negative shackles, move forward toward phenomenal success and freedom. You will feel Transformed!

The ‘Release Nagging Doubts & Inner Critic’ program introduces Rapid Transformation therapy to help you understand what has been holding you back and give you a new method to access to permanent thought control that will change the way you approach your future to live a happier and more fulfilling life!

The treatment varies according to each individual’s bespoke personal situation. The treatment releases us from our fears, anxiety and stressors.

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Success Stories:

Anna from Hackney London, came to me with an internal loop. A repeated, constant fear that she told herself daily. I’m not enough, I can’t do it –  I can’t achieve what I want.  

Following the session: “Thank You so much Joanna, I now understand that I had believed my thoughts and let them control me all my life. I feel so free now, so able to do things how I want them. My friends have already noticed a difference in me, it’s fantastic. Thank You!”