What if there was a stress free way to develop a new understanding about food?

Are life’s pressures too much – turn to food? Feel your health is suffering? This is true for many of us.

My clients, struggled until they found the solution as to why their overeating patterns started. When they understood how to change how they feel about their food choices and how they feel about themselves, they found that they can lose weight & feel great!  

At your complementary:

“Shed Weight and Feel Great! Empower life-long food changes Discovery Call & Digital Download!” clients will learn:
  • A simple personalised understanding of specific eating patterns!
  • How to make life-long changes about food! 
  • And ways to stop wasting time and money on diets that simply do not work ….!
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1 x 30 minutes Discovery Call

Following the discovery call
clients will also receive the:

Digital Download - including:

*Current personal eating patterns explained*

*Ways to change thinking about food for good*

*Tips and tricks to improve internal confidence about food*

In the 30 mins discovery call:

  1. The client and I will chat about their current eating types and assess which habit patterns they follow & how to recognise & release themself from this pattern.
  2. We will discuss their weight goals and what they want to achieve within the 8 week program. 
  3. We will discuss how it is possible to change and transform thoughts about food for good!

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Please include Country + Area code (eg +44 7911 123456)
30 mins call (UK times shown)

Here's what a few people are saying about the Discovery Call and Digital Download..

Liza - London

The Discovery Call was really helpful, I understood a lot more about why I have eaten the way I have for so long and the digital download is very supportive as I've learned to change my thinking about food and how I see myself. People are starting to notice a difference in my shape! So exciting! Thank you, fully recommend the discovery call & digital download.

Sal - London

Thanks to the Discovery call I now understand that I was eating certain foods because they were a connection to my past childhood memories. Joanna has helped to clearly see that I had been using past memories to feel better and focusing on diets that were wrong for me instead of finding out the cause of where I went wrong with my eating. I have suffered for a very long time by not realising this.

Claire - Bromley

Thanks to both the Discovery Call and the Ways to change thinking about food download. I now see that the way I was thinking about food held me back So I have been using food as a method of keeping myself to myself and not wanting to connect with others or socialising. This new awareness is like a missing part of a jigsaw puzzle and I am looking forward to my new life! I feel so much better about life now!