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Want to move forward in life, stuck past thoughts and feelings?

Most people want to succeed, they want the life of their dreams.
Some people work really hard, they put their best effort in throughout the whole week and yet, they just don’t really believe that success and money is available to them.

Unknowingly and unwittingly people may hold themselves back.

Does this sound familiar? 
“ I put a massive amount of time and effort into working hard, however, I am not happy, I am not confident, and I am not satisfied! ” “ I feel there is something holding me back, time and time again ” 

Designed for professional women and men who want complete clarity on what they want to achieve in life and yet they feel blocked, stuck living with old negative beliefs and programming learned in their past, sometimes in childhood.

How can we unlock our higher level of personal clarity when something deep inside is holding us back, making us feel stuck in a repeated loop;

  • feeling not good enough in who we are
  • feeling not as good as others
  • worried about other people’s opinions and judgments
  • thinking I got lucky, if they really knew me…
  • believing that I don’t really deserve praise
  • I am an imposter
Unhappy lady at computer

Can you identify:

  • lacking in self-confidence when starting something, anything new
    • feeling anxious and overwhelmed, full of self-doubt and second guessing yourself?
  • repeating I’m not good enough, I can’t do this job, I should quit before I’m found out.
    • feeling stressed, scared, lonely and worthless?
  • I’ll never understand, people will think I’m stupid and question how I got into this job
    • feeling hopeless, I will not achieve my dream or goals?
  • living with constant cycles of worry affecting both personal and professional life
    • feeling inferiority, paranoia, and a need to hear praise?
  • putting off and delaying taking the next step or applying for jobs
    • worrying about the pressures of something new, I don’t have confidence in my ability to take everything on?
  • anxiety, stress, and self-doubt manifesting in all areas of personal and professional life
    • feeling I am not good enough, not worthy?
  • sensing that I need to work harder that others in order to keep up with them
    • feeling inadequate, can’t communicate as well as others?

When you no longer have these issues?

  • having self-confidence to take risks, getting off the fence and following my gut…
  • feeling sure of myself, knowing what is right and wrong for me…
  • stopping second guessing all my decisions, being more risk taking and less indecisive…
  • understanding how to make peace with my inner voice, developing a ‘Let-Go button‘ giving way to positive balanced thinking
  • seeing past the worrying and knowing that I have confidence in myself.
  • knowing and believing that I can manage my life, feeling excited about the future opportunities, knowing that I can do it…
  • believing that I will enjoy my job whilst taking care of all other areas of my life…
  • feeling a sense of calm and knowing that all is as it should be…
  • being at ease with myself and knowing that I am enough just as I am…
We want to feel worthy of achieving our personal goals in life and achieve a greater sense of enjoyment, satisfaction and meaning in life - how can we set clear goals and targets for ourselves when we live with limiting thoughts and beliefs?

ENHANCED THINKING;  fast-forward to your better life!  


Hi I’m Joanna

I help people to identify what holds them back from achieving what they want?

It’s not your lack of wanting or lack of effort and persistence.

  • The issue starts deep inside with your internal voice.
    • What are you saying and thinking to yourself?
  • Do you have deep-seated voices and pictures in your mind?
    • ‘I can’t’, ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘Success is not available to me’.
  • Do you have deep subconscious feelings and beliefs?
    • feelings about yourself and your ability?

When, and why were those limiting thoughts and beliefs developed & what do we  do about them? 

Often beliefs and feelings are developed in childhood, they soak into your mind like water into a sponge.

You can still hold on to these beliefs without understanding how they came to be, they affect your personality and self-image. They can give the answers to why you hold yourself back and stop yourself reaching your full potential.


Step 1: Subconscious automatic commands and habits

AKA  – the mind-rules that we all live by!

Until we learn what to look for and understand how to change our thinking…

When we take command of our thoughts, we can look for our negative language, learn to turn this habit into positive thinking.

Once you understand how the mind operates, the tricks it plays on you, the familiar habit patterns you live with subconsciously you can start to recognise and control your thoughts, instead of your mind controlling you.

Deep relaxation session Hypnosis Audio


Cogs of the mind
Looping thoughts

Step 2: Limiting & Looping thoughts 

Watch out for thinking and doing the same thing repeatedly, this  is how we can create a belief.

If we later decide that we want something different or want to behave in a different way – the mind can block us, restrict us and make us feel uncomfortable.

If we feel uncomfortable  we don’t take action, we don’t do what we want, it becomes too difficult, we want to do something, but fear and doubt creeps in, we feel blocked and stuck – a limiting belief is developed.

We are not born with limiting thoughts and beliefs, learning how to identify these beliefs can help to prevent these beliefs from limiting you and constantly repeating and replaying like they are programmed into your mind

Step 3: Limited Mindset to Growth Mindset

We can unconsciously keep ourselves stuck by the words that we say to ourselves, we add to our own limited mindset.

People with a growth mindset takes on challenges. They are not afraid of feedback, or even criticism, they see it as a way to improve and grow.  They are often inspired by others and learn from them. They progress and persevere when there are set backs.

Those with a fixed/limited mindset actively avoid challenges, any possibility of confrontation. They give up quickly, not even attempt to apply for something such as a job. They look at other peoples success as a threat to them and believe that they only know the way to do things. If it’s not done in their way – it’s wrong.

Mind growing a plant

This session helps you to see if you have a fixed or growth mindset.

We look to find where this way of thinking came from. It’s easy to get caught up in this type of mindset and not even realize that it could be holding you back or limiting your growth.

Step 4: Goal Setting

Deep relaxation session: 

We take understandings and build from the previous weeks.
Via deep relaxation

  • we help you to gain confidence, certainty and self-belief around a goal that you are working towards.  
  • we examine what it is that you want for your goals?
  • how you will attain them, what do you need to do?
  • we assess how success will feel for you?
  • we look at where you are now and how you get to that future. 

Step 5: Life Vision, life as you want it!

2-hour Enhanced Transformational Hypnosis session & empowering audio

Taking knowledge and understanding from the previous weeks; in the hypnosis session we look at your story in detail, identifying and interrupting limiting beliefs preventing progress and blocking the mind from growth. 

You are able to install your new empowering, confident story, for your vision and goals for yourself and your life.

Happy lady

Step 6: Follow up support calls post hypnosis session after day 3, 14 & 21

Catch up discussions to review progress and raise any questions you may have since we last spoke. 


What will we cover? What you will learn...

We will identify and discuss exactly what has happened in your past that you still hold on to;

  • creating limiting beliefs holding you stuck and/or why you have created;
  • repeated looping thoughts justifying the belief
  • you understand why you believe what was said at that time and how it still affects you right now, all these years later
  • we will interrupt these thoughts and beliefs. So that you can STOP these patterns and develop a new empowering story specifying what you want and need for yourself instead
  • we will complete a deep dive into want it is that you want in life
Happy lady at computer

Finishing with a transformative Hypnosis session & audio

  • rapid mental reprogramming to hard wire new beliefs and new stories giving you the confidence to achieve your growth mindset and goals.
  • we will track progress since the start of our work together.
  • post session support;  we discuss how you are progressing in follow up calls across the following month. 

You will feel your confidence and self-esteem dramatically improve and feel empowered to move forward with your life, so that you are successful at reaching your life's goals.


Please include Country + Area code (eg +44 7911 123456)

Man at computer

All you need to know…

How much time is needed? What does this session cost?

Approximately 6-hours together via Zoom calls & 1 hour of follow-up calls. £95 per hour.

The full programme spans 8 weeks in total with your commitment to listen to the session audio file daily from week 5.

Step 1 to Step 4: spans 4 weeks 
Step 5: spans 4 weeks = 8 weeks in total

Follow up call progress after Step 5

The process and how it all works…

Firstly, we arrange a short phone call to discuss your  specific needs and requirements from the;


If you choose to go ahead….

  • You complete a small questionnaire about your situation and your goals and what you want in your life
  • We agree a suitable day/time for both parties for your the first zoom call.
  • Together we complete each weekly call, all 1 hour each, except week 5’s 2-hour Hypnosis Session
  • You listen to your bespoke audio recording daily for 21 days
  • We follow up via support calls on days 3, 14, & 21
  • Together we review your tracked progress, so you understand how you have progressed since the start of our work together

Press the orange button below to discuss booking in your


What is included?

  • Step 1: Initial consultation
    • Review your problem or issue.
      • Hidden Tricks & Habits of the mind
      • How the subconscious mind is creating worry,  fear, and anger.
      • Hypnosis audio
  • Step 2:  Limiting Thoughts and Beliefs
    • How limiting thoughts, beliefs and looping thoughts affecting you? 
  • Step 3: Limited Mindset to Growth Mindset
    • How a fixed mindset avoids challenges, is afraid of success of others, afraid of criticism, resistant to change using language that keeps you stuck
  • Step 4: Goal setting, what you want and what you feel?
    • Dive into what you really want to do, the goals important to you.
    • Deep relaxation session to access exactly what it is that you really want in the future
  • Step 5: 2-hour Hypnosis Session & Transformation Audio 
    • Taking all the learning and understanding obtained from week 1 to week 5, set up your vision in your mind.
    • Personalised Audio recording (recorded in week 5)
      • Bespoke audio recorded to help you to programme and rewire your new beliefs and vision into your life.
      • Listen daily for 21 days, setup a new way of thinking
  • Step 6: Follow up support calls after day 3, 14 & 21
  • Check up calls after 3 and 6 months.


Following our short call and the completion of the questionnaire we can look to book in our first zoom meeting in roughly in 7- 10 days in advance, depending on our schedules.

How will we do the session? 

At this point in time the session is available only online, using either Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp video.
An online video platform is required as it is important to see each other.

Not sure what to expect? Unsure of Hypnosis? 

All questions answered, check out this link…

Think you are ready for your ENHANCED THINKING ONGOING SUPPORT! Just press the button!

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What’s next?

If you have any further questions, please send them to I’ll be very happy to get back to you.  

Please contact me if you would like help learning how to be happy and attract what you want in your life, just press the button below to discuss booking an ENHANCED THINKING; Fast-forward to a better life for you!


Please include Country + Area code (eg +44 7911 123456)

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If you would like to stay in touch; connect with me on Facebook or check out my blog.