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Enhanced confidence Boost! - Regain Your Real Inner Confidence

Perhaps you want to Improve Your Life or improve your performance in a particular aspect? Designed for those preparing for a job interview, or if you are delivering an important speech or presentation, or have key critical meeting, or even for preparing for your wedding!
The Enhanced Confidence Boost is a 2-hour therapeutic quick confidence uplift! Including a 2-hour motivational hypnosis transformational session, with support over the following 21 days, all designed to reaffirm confidence and self-esteem so that you feel empowered to regain that real inner confidence, enabling you to hard-wire new beliefs giving you the confidence to feel good about yourself, just as you are!


We want to enjoy life, to live our best life, experiencing health, happiness and success. To live our life how we want to!

Some of us try really hard to feel confident!

‘We try to put on a good show’
and yet inside, feel stage-fright, so afraid that we will get it wrong or mess up, we just don’t feel that we can really be who we are at all times. If we have an important event on the horizon, a key critical presentation or job interview and all we can think is… “I’m going to forget my words, I’ll get tongue tied, I’ll just go blank, I won’t be able to read the questions.. ” 

Thought bubble

These thoughts can be devastating…

When we are not able to draw upon our own sense of self-confidence, we are not living the life of our dreams,  and in fact are living in unhappiness, often not making money or having success and certainly not feeling confident…  

Time to look in the mirror and really understand who you are?

Lacking in confidence? 

There are different types of confidence, people can use varying extreme behaviour to hide behind their insecurities.  

The types all fall into the following 3 categories. The solution for the lack of confidence is pretty much the same for everyone. It is a matter of learning what is stopping you from being true to yourself. As soon as you have this understanding, self-esteem and confidence will return.

Which confident type are you?

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1 – Shy, insecure types. They may be quiet or nervous, may procrastinate. They don’t put themselves out there for critique. They are often very hard on themselves and are the first to downplay themselves.

2 – Bossy, arrogant types. People who always have to be right and never wrong. People who can bully and intimidate. Can be patronising and aggressive hiding extreme lack of confidence.

3 – Extroverts, ‘larger than life’ types. People hiding behind a mask acting, hiding true self. Those loving centre stage. Comedian, workaholic, perfectionist.

Maybe you already identify with one of the above? Perhaps you find difficulties when working with people who demonstrate these behaviour types, not knowing the best way to interact with them and still feel confident and happy in yourself? 

The Enhanced Confidence Boost is for professionals who want to not only, quickly increase their sense of Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence and Self-Assuredness... and also be able to spot and stop when they find themselves going backwards.

We focus on how you may be lacking in confidence and how this makes you feel not good enough in yourself, 
so that you:

  • lack confidence, with little of no self-esteem
  • live with a poor self-image and self-worth
  • lack in motivation and procrastinate
  • struggle to get a new job or be promoted
  • feel insecure, not accepting yourself as you are.
  • feel unsure how best to deal with ‘other types’ of confidence behaviour.
  • know that you are a good person, but just feel that your best is not good enough? 
  • but have found yourself feeling low as you have been ‘listening to others…’?
  • struggle to complete projects?
  • find it hard to let-go and switch-off?
Fingers holding the sun

Once identified we build from here to help you to understand
how to: 

  • break negative beliefs leading to procrastination
  • identify habits which create a lack of motivation
  • concentrate further on your single-mindedness
  • helping you to get more done for yourself in your life.
  • understand how best to react to the judgement of others
  • start the process of accepting and appreciating yourself
  • recognise when you are unknowingly are being drawn back into an old way of thinking

This is totally understandable, we all can need a boost, a reminder to set ourselves back on the right path.

Maybe you’ve worked very hard to improve yourself, your thinking, spend effort, time and money to make a difference to how you feel? 

However, sometimes and in some cases, as soon as we step back into our old reference group, when we are in our job, with our friends, or family….we can sometimes find ourselves going right back to that same old way of thinking. 

It’s not your fault at all, when we look to change ourselves, sometimes others around us prefer us to be the way we were before… Not everybody has our best interests at heart, unfortunately. They may not mean to stop us from progressing. You may not even notice it is happening until one day you realise, ‘I’m behaving as I was before and slipped back into my old ways.’

Girl with light bulb

Your mind is phenomenal

Every thought you think creates a response in your body.  Your thoughts create a physical or emotional reaction. Your subconscious mind can influence your healing. The mind can communicate with the body and command it to make changes. Using hypnosis your mind can replace anxiety and worry with calmness and relaxation.  

Understanding yourself and your thinking process on a very deep level helps you to realise the emotional connections to seemingly unrelated distant issues of the past that affect you today and which cause you stress. It’s the understanding of these connections that is the crucial point.

My job as your therapist is to help you to access those subconscious connections which cause you stress and worry today. Once understood it is then clear how the thoughts and connections affected you throughout your life. We can then use the power of your subconscious mind in leading to powerful change!

Your mind is amazing

Your thoughts trigger images and pictures and the emotions that go with them. These images and emotions trigger attitudes and actions. Your actions then have consequences and results that determine what happens to you.

Hypnosis pinpoints how our mind controls our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. You can know with unshakable confidence that your mind will be able to tell you the exact reason why you have a certain behaviour or belief.


Hi, I’m Joanna

My job as a clinical hypnotherapist is to help professional women and men who struggle with confidence and anxiety, those who want to feel self-worth and know that when they are in a pressure situation, they can and will perform to the best of their ability. 

However these same people can often be living with negative habit patterns, unable to identify and move past negative, critical habits and responses, often developed in childhood, creating beliefs about who they are and how they deal with events and situations.

I help clients to regain their real inner confidence so that they gain control of their feelings and their ongoing inner dialogue. They become self-assured and understand how to feel good about themselves and increase their self-esteem.

Enhanced Confidence Boost!

The first thing that I do is to help you to understand the root causes and effects of exactly when and why you developed your responses to pressure situations, job interview, key critical meeting or work presentation etc. 

We review events, situations and conversations which affected you and you still hold on to, perhaps in childhood, or more recently, we understand how this interaction has lead you to a certain belief about yourself and your ability as a speaker or presenter. 

We reinstate and remind the mind of the directions and commands in which you want to take on, in place of the old beliefs.  With this better knowledge of your personality, we work to keep your mind in shape.

Through the transformational Enhanced Confidence Boost! hypnosis session, you learn to spot and deal with the causes of your automatic responses as they happen in any future occasions. You choose instead to empower yourself, to free yourself from the ongoing negative thoughts and feelings that have been holding you back. You will learn how to focus on and attract what you want, not the things that you fear, as a result you start to regain that happy confident life for yourself.

The Enhanced Confidence Boost! sessions are fully bespoke and tailored for you, you are provided with a personalised audio recording detailing exactly how you will develop a positive confident and powerful attitude.

The Enhanced Confidence Boost! sessions, all you need to know...

What does this session cost?

A single bespoke 2-hour session including all support and 1 hour of follow-up calls as listed below, is priced at only £95 per hour
Further/additional sessions within the next 6 weeks are priced at a reduced cost of £75 per hour.

Simply book a call with me to discuss booking your Enhanced Confidence Boost! Press the button below. 

What will we cover? What will you learn?

We will identify your confidence type and how this affects your behaviours when under stressful situations. 

  • You will start the process of changing your inner language.
  • You will understand why you believed what was said at that time and how it still affects you right now, all these years later.
  • You will realise that you can handle feedback and use it to benefit yourself. 
  • You will begin to feel more in control and able to put your needs first.
  • You will feel your confidence and self-esteem dramatically improve and feel empowered to complete your projects and tasks.
the worldthewayyouwantit

Finishing with a transformative Hypnosis session & audio

  • rapid mental reprogramming to hard wire new beliefs about who you are as a speaker or presenter giving you the confidence to achieve your goals.
  • we will track progress since the start of our work together.
  • post session support;  we discuss how you are progressing in follow up calls across the following month.
  • opportunity to discuss any negative or positive interactions with other confidence types.

For all Enhance Your Horizons hypnosis sessions – the following is included;

The process and how it all works

Firstly, we arrange a short phone call to discuss the Enhanced Confidence Boost! 
If you choose to go ahead….

  • You complete a small questionnaire about your situation and your goals and what you want in your life
  • We agree a suitable day/time for both parties for your session
  • Together we complete your 2-hour transformational Enhanced Confidence Boost! Hypnosis Session
  • You listen to your bespoke audio recording daily for 21 days
  • We follow up via support calls on days 3 and 14.
  • Together we review your tracked progress, so you understand how you have progressed since the start of our work together
  • We complete with a Zoom video review call on day 21.

You will receive and benefit from:

  • 2-hour transformational Enhanced Confidence Boost! Hypnosis session
  • A personalised audio recording specific to your needs
  • Support & follow up throughout the month, including voice calls on days, 3 and 14. 
  • A Zoom review call on the 21st day
  • Tracked progress from the start to completion of your programme

What is included?

  • Initial consultation
    • Review your problem or issue
  • Your goals and outcomes
    • How will you feel without the problem?
  • Relaxation techniques
    • Help you to relax whilst being totally in control 
  • Enhance Your Horizons session
    • Your problem;
      • Focus: what is this issue doing to you?
      • Focus: what you want to do instead?
      • Focus: how will you feel when you no longer live with this issue?
  • Personalised Audio recording
    • Bespoke audio recording for you to listen to for 21 days repeatedly to setup a new way of thinking
  • Tracked progress from start to completion of your programme
  • Follow up voice calls after 3, and 14  days
  • Zoom video review call on day 21
Girl relaxing


Following our short call and the completion of the questionnaire we can look to book in our first zoom meeting in roughly in 7- 10 days in advance, depending on our schedules.

How will we do the session? 

At this point in time the session is available only online, using either Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp video.
An online video platform is required as it is important to see each other.


Not sure what to expect? Unsure of Hypnosis? 

All questions answered, check out:  What To Expect… 

Press the button below to discuss booking in your Enhanced Confidence Boost! session

What’s next?

If you have any further questions, please send them to I’ll be very happy to get back to you.  

Please contact me if you would like help learning how to be happy and attract what you want in your life, just press the button below to discuss booking an Enhanced Confidence Boost! for you!

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Be successful – Regain your confident happy life!

Book my Enhanced Confidence Boost!

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